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Student awards

We know students respond positively to praise and rewards. All our rewards systems are transparent, fair and achievable.

Northgate’s Reward System

Students are rewarded through the use of praise and certificates. We celebrate student achievements weekly during "Feel Good Friday". This is a celebration and reflection of student progress over the week.  One student each week is also awarded our Scroll of Honour, for going above and beyond educationally or personally.

Jack Petchey Awards

The Jack Petchey Foundation, established in 1999, gives grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11 - 25. The Foundation is eager to help young people take advantage of opportunities and play a full part in society. Six awards are given a year. Winners do not have to be the best at sport, work or anything else but they must have contributed to the school or community in a positive way. Achievement winners will receive:

  • A framed certificate
  • A boxed medallion
  • £300 to spend on a selected school project.

Which are presented during the Annual Jack Petchey Award Evening at Finchley Arts Depot.