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How can I help my child with their GCSE English?

Encourage reading! Both fiction and non-fiction. It is vital that students are reading widely and regularly to prepare for their English exams. 

We suggest that students should be reading fiction for 20 minutes a day, five times a week. This will make all the difference. Short stories, plays and novels are all suitable. Reading fiction regularly will improve both their Language and Literature attainment. If you are able, asking questions about what your child is reading, either in school or privately, will encourage critical thinking.

Students will also need to be confident with non-fiction texts for English Language Paper 2. They should be reading newspapers, magazines, letters, reports and literary non-fiction (travel writing, biographies and autobiographies.) Reading newspapers with your child and engaging in dialogue about what you are reading is a great place to start. You could also encourage your child to summarise the key events and facts in what you have read together. 


  • https://englishatnorthgate.wordpress.com/ - this is the English at Northgate blog. On here, you will find organised revision resources for each text and exam.
  • YouTube is another brilliant resource. ‘Mr Bruff’ is a great place to start, and covers all the AQA texts and exams.​

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