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About us

garden (Small)At Northgate School we understand that education for any adolescent is crucial to their mental health, self esteem and indeed their whole well being.

The school is located within the hospital grounds. It is a single storey building occupying a space on the ground floor.  We have only 3 classrooms which means this is a quiet setting which aids student recovery and wellbeing.  There are no steps anywhere in the school and the school is wheelchair accessible.

There is a short stay drop off space for a single vehicle directly outside the school entrance, to allow our students who travel in taxis to arrive safely.  In addition there is a public pay and display car park and parking is available in the surrounding roads for parents and visitors.

The small specialist setting of Northgate School is conducive to supporting and teaching vulnerable students who otherwise are at risk of failure in a larger system. The work conducted at Northgate helps with the recovery of adolescents who face mental health challenges in order to re-engage students back into mainstream school.

Northgate can accommodate 28 students. We aim to create an environment in which taking risks, self-discovery and learning go hand-in-hand. Memorable lessons occur daily. Each and every student is welcomed and included at Northgate School, and students’ voices are heard and valued. We set and maintain high expectations for all of our students in terms of their academic achievements, their behaviour and their journey back towards good mental health.