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What people say

"My child has really thrived being in Northgate. From being a school refuser with low self-esteem he now attends regularly and has begun to show his true potential.

Northgate has provided him with a safe secure environment with caring staff who understand him. This is so different from prior settings which expected him to fit in, despite him being an individual with needs and issues.

We can’t thank the staff enough for how they have accepted him and how they also expect him to strive to achieve."

Parent (2022)

"Thank you for your incredible care, devotion & teaching during the smooth & difficult times. You were always so supportive. Truly you reassembled her & held her together a la Humpty Dumpty style. 

We are eternally grateful​"

Parent 2020

"Thank you to all Northgate Staff. I am really happy with my results" 

Student 2020

"You have helped me so much when I needed it most and for that I am so grateful!"