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Northgate School

Northgate School is based in Edgware Community Hospital and specialises in the education of students suffering from mental health challenges.

We aim to develop in each individual the desire to achieve. We acknowledge and build on existing strengths and lay the foundations for successful reintegration into a course of life-long learning.

We also strive for academic success by meeting the needs of each individual within a safe and caring environment. We foster in all students a sense of self esteem, confidence and the ability to make informed choices. We make learning a memorable, positive and enjoyable experience.

At Northgate School everyone matters, and we believe that “together we can build a future”.

Latest news


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

We have some very exciting news coming up for Northgate School

Team London

On 27th April 2016 Amelia from Team London Schools in Barnet will be speaking to our students about volunteering

BRIC & BRAC sale

Northgate School will also be running a Bric and Brac sale on Friday 29th April from 10am and 12pm.

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