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Subject Overview

Yoga is based on alignment and precision, use of props help the students stay in posture to get the best benefit from the exercises.  The lesson starts with a warm up, and then a variety of movements and postures are used. In a typical lesson, students use a variety of forward and back bends with the use of props to assist students in poses that they fin difficult

Yoga is supportive, and we teach a variety of postures which are conductive to wellbeing.  Students also use relaxation techniques and peer massage during the Yoga sessions.


Educational rationale for teaching this subject at Northgate

Yoga is good for well being, and relaxation, it improves physical flexibility, core strength and stamina.  At Northgate we find that teaching Yoga has a therapeutic benefit for the students. Physical and internal changes gained when experiencing yoga can help with wellbeing and improved confidence.  Students focus and concentration also improves, which in turn aids their academic performance.

Students who find shapes difficult to get into due to lack of flexibility, or muscle stiffness over time, find that their everyday life improves, their general wellbeing improves and they are able to attempt more in their day to day life.

Students feel that the supportive group dynamics created in a Yoga lesson also builds trust and friendship.

Progression Pathways and Careers

Yoga is compatible with any careers which involve balance, and any sports area which a young person chooses, including PE teaching, dance, football, and synchronised swimming

To follow a career in Yoga an initial course of stud is usually for 3 years, initially with a Yoga teacher who is already qualified.  Once the skills and poses are mastered, there would be a further period of training for 2/3 years until qualified at foundation level or 1 to 1 yoga instruction, and then group teaching

People who are qualified in Yoga have a variety of career pathways including work in a therapeutic setting including hospitals, health and fitness clubs, schools.  It is possible to earn a good career with 1 to 1 instruction, but there is also scope for making instructional videos and working in fitness clubs or alongside personal trainers.   In the world of professional sport, Yoga is a valuable career to prevent injury, help core strength and hence many professional sports people seek to work with Yoga instructors. 

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