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Subject Overview

Food is taught to all students as part of the promotion of healthy lifestyles. It is taught as an essential life skill incorporating planning, preparing menus and developing practical skills. Students are encouraged to think about the nutritional value of foods as well as planning for balanced diets. Students are taught to create different dishes with low salt, sugar and fat content and to try alternative healthier options. We aim to develop independent working and students are taught the skills necessary to prepare a wide range of foods. Students are encouraged to use fresh ingredients to make healthier choices. All students are given a choice of dishes to prepare. They are  taught to use utensils appropriately and work safely.


Educational rationale for teaching this subject at Northgate

Northgate School aims to promote healthy lifestyles for all students and develop independence. Students are equipped with home economic skills enabling them to make healthier choices as they move towards greater independence.

Progression Pathways and Careers

The course can lead to better personal home management as well as the possibility of working in the hospitality and catering industry. For those students who have a desire to pursue a career in the food industry we can facilitate food preparation and hygiene certificates.

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