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Subject Overview

Sport and fitness sessions are built into the curriculum for every student who attends Northgate School as part of the drive towards healthy lifestyles. Students have access to a multi gym as well as an all- weather pitch and basketball court. A wide range of sports are available to students ranging from football skills, tennis, circuit training to more gentle sporting activities devised to suit the individual and to build general fitness. Fitness sessions are designed to increase overall fitness levels and enjoyment of sport that we hope students will continue with after leaving Northgate. Sessions are planned to include drills and increase cardio levels and teach skills for a wide range of sporting activities. Students have an individual sports programme that they can follow using indoor gym equipment in their own time as well as part of structured sports sessions.


Educational rationale for teaching this subject at Northgate

Northgate School aims to promote healthy lifestyles for all students and develop increased fitness levels. Students are equipped with transferable skills enabling them to make healthier choices as they move towards greater independence and young adulthood. Taking part in sustained physical exercise is excellent for both physical and emotional wellbeing. Progressing in a particular sport can lead to greater confidence and desire to maintain a healthier lifestyle. As a consequence students may join sports clubs whereby creating social opportunities and help minimise isolation whilst enjoying physical activities, building strength and improving general health.

Progression Pathways and Careers

Following a sporting programme students can progress to studying such courses as sports science at college or university. For those students that would like to be active within clubs and sporting venues courses in a vast array of areas including, personal trainer, gym instructor, lifeguard ,sports coaching, refereeing as well as sports and leisure qualifications to name but a few are available. Students may also wish to join football, rugby, cricket or athletic clubs simply for the sheer enjoyment of participating.

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