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Subject Overview

 The students from The Beacon Centre will be studying areas of: the benefits and risks of health and lifestyle choices, including: choices relating to sexual activity, substance use and misuse, the short and long term consequences of health and mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Areas of cyber bullying, anti-bullying, grooming, radicalisation and phone safety will also be addressed termly. Our Ethics programme also strongly compliments our external visiting guest speakers program who share their own experiences, strategies to overcome challenges and where to find support. The approach, content and delivery of lessons will depend on the sensitivity and current needs of students and their ability to manage certain content in relation to intentions and expected outcomes (e.g. severe lack of self-esteem/vulnerability). The Scheme of learning programme is our academic year intention but the emphasis will inevitably rest on the relationship between delivery and relevance to our students rather than “getting through the programme” recognising that students at the beginning of the year may very well not be on roll at the latter part of the year. To ensure accreditation it is our intention that, where possible, the course will be taught in line with the AQA Unit Award Scheme to unit descriptions that suits the needs of individual student or groups. Where evidence of accredited outcomes has successfully been produced students will be entered for these individual awards. It is the intention to enable students to be able to identify sources of help, support and accurate information and take responsibility for providing supportive information to others in a range of situations. Recognising the age/intake of students at The beacon Centre there will be an emphasis on more KS4 aspects of sex and relationships although the content in the spring/summer term will address physical and emotional changes of puberty/growing up recognising the difficulties our young people often display in light of new and current trends and so may compliment the therapeutic work both at The Beacon Centre and in the community; individual as well as family therapy. Ethics form an opportunity for in patients to be together of all ages independent of key stages.


Educational rationale for teaching this subject at Northgate

In Ethics we aim to develop awareness in in-patients of their rich and diverse cultural influences and heritage, British values and appreciation of the historical democratic and ethical values in today’s modern world. The outside world can seem a very foreign entity for an in-patient so we also use the sessions as an opportunity to keep them afloat of any contemporary issues including world affairs currently in the news including attacks, terror and conflicts around The World to keep them abreast with world news prior to facing discharge from hospital. Ethics is about having an adventurous and enquiring group approach and to help each other develop the skills and courage to express it in a group context

Progression Pathways and Careers

As Ethics integrates knowledge across disciplines it gives learners a broad-based understanding that complements many A Level subjects.

Career paths are diverse following an ethics programme that develops soft employability skills of team work, research, communication skills and independent thinking.

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