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Subject Overview

The majority of dance classes at Northgate are in the style of street dance, although we also cover contemporary, jazz and even salsa depending on the interests of the specific students. Dance classes at Northgate are structured to include a cardio warm-up, exercises and learning a fun routine. Dance is a great form of exercise, providing a full body workout, in a fun, non-competitive environment


Educational rationale for teaching this subject at Northgate

Dance is a great form of exercise, and is a good replacement for competitive sports which may not suit all students. Dance leads to enjoyment and learning a routine involves a student being absorbed mentally as well as physically, so it is a good way for students to relax.  The various types of music used in Dance, provides stimulation for our students

Students may have an interest in dance, and in dance as a future career - this can be encouraged in classes at Northgate, especially with the small groups and individual attention that is available.

Progression Pathways and Careers

Dance can lead to a variety of careers, a useful Higher education qualification would be a dance degree or a BTEC

For students interested in teaching dance, teaching qualifications are available in a variety of styles - ballet, tap, street dance etc.

For dance performance - training is recommended at a vocational college, which can then lead to auditioning for dance performance jobs.

Dance jobs vary immensely from teaching 1 to 1 and groups, to choreography, work in theatres performing, and dance as therapy in a variety of settings..

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