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Safeguarding and Pupil Behaviour

Artistic Expression (3)We fully meet all required duties, policies and procedures.

Students feel safe whilst at school. Without exception all students have an excellent understanding of what behaviour helps maintain this safe environment. Northgate School works collaboratively and efficiently with The Beacon Centre in putting into practice the vital link in our joint policies and practices.

Students are made explicitly aware that this is a safe, caring school and all staff will listen to the voice of the student at any time. All students are given formal and informal opportunities to talk to staff if they feel at risk. Any student who feels at risk or has unsafe thoughts is sensitively listened to. The relevant clinic is informed immediately and the crisis dealt with. All students’ mental states are risk assessed by the team at the beginning and end of each day. All staff are made aware of students’ concerns and backgrounds as well as all safeguarding practices.

Bullying is rare, students are supervised at all times, which maintains an environment where students support each other rather than bullying.   There is a code of conduct regarding safe internet use; such use is also protected by LGFL software and monitored by staff. The School’s exits are constantly monitored and health and safety procedures are continually assessed.