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Overall effectiveness

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In January 2018, OFSTED judged our school as 'outstanding'. 

The school meets the needs of students effectively. All students are the most vulnerable in society and are often "hard to reach" - many have the potential for extremely challenging behaviour and yet the outcomes for individuals and groups are exceptional. Students leave Northgate School with healthier outlooks on life, re-engaged in education and the skills they need for their next steps either in education or training. .

The school works alongside and in collaboration with the Beacon Centre clinic to ensure that work with families, students and the extensive range of inter-agency work sustains learning, development and well-being.

All safeguarding procedures are firmly embedded and all staff are clear about their responsibilities. The school promotes equal opportunities effectively and tackles discrimination at every level. We pay close attention to care, guidance and support. All our students are well known by every member of staff and have very high levels of confidence in the school’s ability to advise them effectively.