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Achievement standards

Artistic Expression (8)Students’ length of stay and academic needs vary enormously but the school works hard to re-engage them with learning.

Students are not always well enough to sit the full range of GCSEs, and so the school is careful to set realistic and personally tailored targets; our students are guided to study a range of subjects and are entered for appropriate examinations.

We use the AQA Unit Award scheme to motivate the students, and also provide them with the opportunity to obtain Functional Skills qualifications in at least English and Maths.

All students are taught in small groups organized by learning outcomes. Our Assessments for Learning assist us to ensure all students make progress.

The quality of learning for students who have special educational needs is outstanding. Achievement and the quality of learning for SEN students are promoted through a range of approaches; we work closely with the educational psychologists and care teams, have a high staff to student ratio, and a high standard of teaching.

Closing the gap and raising achievement standards are core objectives at Northgate. Our timetables, teaching and feedback offer students the best possible chances of successful performance and reintegration.